I designed DESKTOP SWITCH, a desktop interactive storage box. Users can easily organize and store desktop items, and quickly switch between different office devices by using it. Its main part is a three-layer pull-out structure. These drawers can hold notebooks, tablets, papers and other items. The modular storage boxes on both sides are available for users to put together freely according to their needs and find fun. Work should be as fun as a game.
Designed by XiuYu.

Modular, Free Combination 
Each part can be used alone, and the storage boxes on the left and right sides are combined together by magnetic attraction and the middle. The small grid space in the storage box can also be adjusted.

Multi-layer Structure, Fast Switching, and no Frequent Tidying
Users can put laptops, keyboards, paper, etc. in the drawer, and quickly switch to that item when they need to use one of them.

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