I designed IMONIT, a home office system aimed to provide families and remote workers with a better working experience, and forms a desktop series of products with charging stations and central control systems as the core. The function of the product will be to improve office efficiency while increasing fun to create a more comfortable home office environment. 
Designed by Xiuyu.

Rotating the button at the top scrolls an on-screen menu to select capacity, temperature and function, and pressing the button confirms the options. In addition to controlling the coffee machine directly, users can also reserve and control it through a mobile APP.

The control panel is touch-enabled, but users can also use the three physical buttons below to control key functions more quickly. They are volume controls, menu bar scrolling, and mode toggle buttons that allow users to focus more on their work during remote meetings.

Remote meeting, schedule, and even drinking water plan are all integrated into this central control panel. They can help users manage activities and matters more conveniently without missing any future meeting. Drinking water programs can also monitor users to control coffee intake and drink more water, which is good for health.

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